Thursday, 25 February 2010

A little Girl named Bar'ah

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This is the story of a 10-year-old girl named Bar`ah, whose parents were doctors and had moved to Saudi Arabia in search of a better life.

At this age, Bar`ah memorized the entire Qur'an with tajweed, she was very intelligent and her teacher used to tell her she was advanced for her age.

Her family was small and committed to Islam and its teachings... . suddenly one day her mother started feeling severe abdominal pain and after tests and checkups it was confirmed that she had cancer, but it was found in its late stages.

The mother thought she should tell her daughter, especially if she woke up one day and didn't find her mother beside her... so she told her: "Bar`ah I will go to paradise ahead of you, but I want you to read the Quran you memorized every day since it will protect you in this life..."

The little girl didn't really understand what her mother was trying to tell her.... but she started feeling the change in her mother's status, especially when she was transferred to stay at the hospital on a permanent basis. The little girl use to come to the hospital after school and recite the Quran for her mother until the evening when her father would take her home.

One day the hospital called the husband and informed him that his wife's condition was very bad and he needed to come as fast as he could, so the father picked Bar`ah up from school and headed to the hospital. When they arrived he asked her to stay in the car... so that she wouldn't go into shock if her mother passed away.

The father got out of his car, with tears filled in his eyes, he crossed the street to enter the hospital but was suddenly hit by a speeding car and died in front of his daughter who came crying to her father...!

The tragedy of Bar`ah is not over yet... the news of her father's death was hidden from the mother, but after five days the mother passed away as well. She was alone without her parents, and her parents' friends decided to find her relatives in Egypt so that they could take care of her.

Soon after Bar`ah started having severe pains similar to her mothers and after a few tests and checkups it was confirmed it was cancer... at the surprise of every one she said: "Alhamdu Lillah, now I will meet my parents."

All of the family friends were shocked. This little girl being faced with calamity after calamity and she is patient and satisfied with what Allah ordained for her!

People started hearing about Bar`ah and her story, and a Saudi decided to take care of her... he sent her to the UK for treatment of this disease. One of the Islamic channels (Al Hafiz - The protector) got in contact with this little girl and asked her to recite the Quran... and this is her beautiful voice with recitation.

They contacted her again before she went into a coma and she made dua for her parents and sang a nasheed... v=yD5S-jtxFls

The days passed by and the cancer spread all over her body, the doctors decided to amputate her legs, and she has been patient with what Allah ordained for her... after a few days the cancer spread to her brain, upon which doctors decided for another urgent brain surgery and now her body is in a UK hospital in full COMA...
Please pray and make du'a for Bara'a, and for our brothers and sisters in all over the world.

Another recitation :

"Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety. After all, it is in the darkest of nights that the stars shine brightly" ~Imam Ali~
Yeah. Bintang akan paling berbinar saat malam gulita.

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