Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Otou-san, nakunatta.

I just got the news, a few minutes ago. My hostparent in Ibaraki, Agu-otousan died this morning. May He rest in peace, after severed from cancer for years. I cant say more than "gosyuusyousama deshita" and I couldnt find any suitable words to express my condolence. Suddenly, I remember a word. C-r-e-m-a-t-i-o-n. Cremation.

Apart from religious reasons, some people find they prefer cremation for personal reasons. For some people it is because they are not attracted to traditional burial. The thought of a long, slow decomposition process is unappealing to some. Some people find that they prefer cremation because it disposes of the body immediately.

Other people view cremation as a way of simplifying their funeral process. These people view a traditional burial as an unneeded complication of their funeral process, and thus choose cremation to make their services as simple as possible.

The cost factor tends to make cremation attractive. Generally speaking, cremation costs less than traditional burial services, especially if direct cremation is chosen, in which the body is cremated as soon as legally possible without any sort of services. However, there is wide variation in the cost of cremation services, having mainly to do with the amount of service desired by the deceased or the family. A cremation can take place after a full traditional funeral service, which adds cost. The type of container used also influences cost.

Cremation allows for very economical use of cemetery space. And here in Japan, The price of one square meter of land is %$#"2!09'&!!! So, when Japanese people think materialistically, cremation maybe is the best answer to "take care" the death.

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